Friday, 30 December 2011

11 Darkhouse, Friday 30 December 2011

Within the doubts, confusion and uncertainty lies the question you should ask.

Ideas of yesterday turn into feelings today. Doors open into the shadow of ideas, or doors open within the darkness and you see the space for light to come in, even if the darkness temporarily overpowers.

A day of the dissolution of one's mental control as you surrender to creating emptiness. The cycles of creativity require that you make a fallow space and digest any shadow elements. Be in the dark house and sit it out. You can enjoy the fecundity if you get into it.


The Long Count Calendar measures the Earth’s relationship with the Galaxy, the 2012 era speaks of the Galactic cycle. This creates an influx or descension of consciousness and energy from beyond the Earth which is pulling the planetary system upwards, accelerating the evolution of consciousness towards the planetary scale. The Planetary Civilization may take a hundred years to emerge. Planetary consciousness is the stage of socio/psychological and consciousness development that bridges human history and all that we are today with the cosmic. A planetary civilization is both connected up and down the scale, from Gaia to the Stars, from the primal to the ineffable.

The magnetic pull towards a conscious complex living planetary system disturbs the stability of society as it is. The effect is that all polarities seek resolution, paradoxically immediately revealing the core polarities and bringing ancient scripts toward resolution. The evolutionary pressure intensifies the world’s drama and creates more chaos.

The potentials for sudden positive transformations increase as do the dangers, as we can see with the planned illegitimate attack on Iran.

The alignment in the 2012 era (specifically 1980-2016) of the Winter Solstice Sun with Xibalbe Be, the dark rift near the Galactic centre is spoken about in Mayan Mythology in the Popul Vuh. The hero twins have to face the dark lords of Xibalbe who use cunning and dirty tricks to ensnare them, the twins outwit the dark lords in the end. This story is analogous to our situation; the first step is to realize that the dark lords are in fact operating behind the scenes of the political machine.

Elvis leads the way

Unhook from the matrix of deception in 2012 by disregarding the mainstream media, the outright lying narrative fed to the public about Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya continue with Iran.

Johnny Cash expresses his appreciation of the official story

If you stop digesting the public relations exercises of the dark lords you disempower the dark agenda for it is only with public inadvertent agreement that the totalitarian agenda can manifest.

Empower the good, true and beautiful by appreciating the humanity that exists within all countries especially throughout the Middle East.


The word on the street is that this is the next president of America after Nobel Peace Prize Winner President Obomber.

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